Expert Witness Testimony

Criminology and Law Enforcement Expert Witness Testimony

With a distinguished career spanning over four decades, John Good is a respected figure in the fields of law enforcement and criminology. As President of JG Good Corporation, he has dedicated his life to enhancing physical security and promoting a safer society. His extensive experience, in-depth knowledge, and professional credibility make him a sought-after expert witness in legal proceedings. 

An Esteemed Professional Profile

John Good’s journey began with an unwavering commitment to the protection of communities, serving as a Police Officer for the Glenview Police Department for a commendable 37 years. His academic achievements in the domain of Law Enforcement Administration from Western Illinois University further solidified his expertise. 

Credibility Built on Experience

Throughout his career, John Good has:

Expertise Rooted in Real-world Scenarios

John’s prolonged tenure as a police officer provides him with firsthand insights into the intricacies of law enforcement, crime scenarios, and security challenges. His testimonies benefit from: 

  • Practical knowledge of law enforcement protocols and methodologies. 
  • Comprehensive understanding of criminal psychology. 
  • Proven ability to articulate complex scenarios for juries, attorneys, and judges. 

Objective, Reliable, and Respected

As an expert witness, John Good brings: 

  • Unbiased perspectives rooted in evidence and facts. 
  • A thorough analysis based on extensive research and professional experience. 
  • A reputation for integrity, backed by years of dedicated service. 

When it comes to legal proceedings, having an authoritative voice can be a pivotal factor. JG Good Corporation, under the leadership of John Good, offers expert witness testimony rooted in years of experience, knowledge, and unwavering dedication to law enforcement and criminology. 

Whether you’re an attorney in need of an experienced voice to provide clarity on complex matters or a business seeking insights into security protocols, JG Good Corporation stands ready to assist.