Physical Security Presentations

Empowering Through Knowledge

Educating and empowering businesses with knowledge is central to JG Good Corporation’s ethos. Our Physical Security Presentations offer a detailed exploration of the importance of physical security, current trends, and best practices. Tailored to your specific industry and needs, our presentations provide actionable insights to enhance your organization’s security posture.

Why Physical Security Education Matters

Understanding the nuances of physical security is the first step in creating a fortified and resilient environment. Our presentations emphasize: 

  • The evolving landscape of threats and vulnerabilities. 
  • The value of safeguarding assets, personnel, and data. 
  • The correlation between physical security and business continuity.

Recognizing these essentials equips businesses and individuals with the tools to proactively address and manage potential security risks. With the right knowledge, you can take the initiative to create a safer space for all stakeholders. Partner with JG Good Corporation today, and arm yourself with the insights and strategies vital for modern-day security.

Security Presentation: Travel Safety Tips

Recent statistics highlight a marked increase in the number of American travelers killed while vacationing abroad in 2022. Business travelers are not exempt, increasingly becoming targets. How well-prepared are you for safe travel? This interactive presentation delves into essential safety tips every traveler should adopt, whether traveling solo, for business, or on a family vacation. We advocate for starting with basic measures, such as selecting safer floors for accommodation, and meticulously planning your daily itinerary. This approach can help you counteract the most obvious signal to criminals: avoid appearing like a tourist or a wealthy businessperson when away. Such behavior can quickly catch a criminal’s eye, potentially making you a target for an emerging crime trend known as jugging, where thieves follow individuals known to have withdrawn cash, aiming to steal that money once the person is in a vulnerable location.

Don’t be a statistic. Partner with JG Good Corporation and empower your team with knowledge and strategies to stay safe during every journey.

Security Presentation: Ruse Burglaries

This presentation is tailored for seniors living independently in their homes but holds relevance for all homeowners. Participants will gain insights into the tactics frequently employed by burglars who typically operate in pairs, often seeking to draw the male homeowner outside or keep him occupied in a distant room. Meanwhile, the accomplice stealthily enters the residence, usually through an unlocked front door, making a beeline for the bedroom(s) to pilfer jewelry, cash, and other valuables.

We’ll delve into the common disguises and narratives these criminals use to engage and distract their targets. Moreover, we will offer guidance on the steps homeowners should undertake if they fall victim to such crimes. The presentation culminates with practical advice to bolster your home’s defenses, making it a less tempting prospect for potential intruders.

Situational Awareness

We lead busy lives and all too often we find ourselves pressed for time. If you take the time to scan the environment, it is common to see people walking around, cell phone in hand, texting. It seems that few, if any, of us make an effort to be aware of our surroundings and consider possible threats to ourselves, our loved ones and our personal property. Attend a JG Good Corporation Situational Awareness Workshop, and in 90-minutes, you can learn how to make your life safer and more secure in a variety of different ways. Don’t think that you can rely on the police to keep you safe and secure. You have choices, and choices have consequences.

This highly interactive presentation will start by focusing on the basics of situational awareness. It will reinforce techniques and strategies that participants can use immediately upon the conclusion of the class. Among the topics presented will be recent incidents occurring in the United States where situational awareness should have been used but wasn’t, which resulted in not only property damage, but numerous casualties. Additionally, you will learn about three often-used techniques recognized around the world that every person should know of and use for situational awareness. We will include government reported threat levels for attendees to be cognizant of and used as part of your planning process. You have the ability to control a significant part of your daily environment. Would you rather be safe, or sorry?

No weapons of any nature are allowed in this class. We ask that there be no audio or video recording of this presentation. Please refrain from taking pictures with your cell phone.

Empowering Your Team for a Safer Tomorrow

Elevate your team’s understanding of physical security with JG Good Corporation. Our Physical Security Presentations blend expertise with engagement, providing the tools your organization needs for a fortified future. Book a presentation with us today and take a proactive step towards enhanced security awareness.